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We know how lucky we are to live in Bend, Oregon, which is exactly why we’re passionate about preserving the resources grown here and supporting local farmers. We believe in the importance of eating wholesome, organic ingredients and that healthy food like this should be accessible to everyone. At Mother’s Juice Café, we are committed to carefully choosing local and organic ingredients for every single item on our menu. From juices and smoothies to breakfast and lunch, you can rest assured that your body is receiving the natural nutrients it needs when you dine at Mother’s Juice Café.

female farmer wearing overalls handing wooden box of fresh produce to customer

Farm-to-Table Philosophy

High-quality fruits and vegetables are grown in fertile soil that has not been polluted with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers like they often are in commercial farming. Sourcing from local farms provides us with more organic, clean, and natural produce, which promotes our healthy lifestyles.

Not only are local farms good for our health, but they’re also good for the Earth’s health! This is because local farmers are more likely to use sustainable farming practices since they are not mass-producing produce like big corporation farms. While local farmers still focus on producing enough quantity, they are equally as concerned about the quality of their ingredients, which is something that gets lost from corporate farms.

By partnering with local farmers, we’re also reducing the carbon footprint that is associated with transportation. It’s a win-win!

Tasty breakfast dish on a table outside of Mother’s Juice Cafe

Fresh, Seasonal Ingredients

Our close relationship with farmers allows us to obtain a wide range of fresh and seasonal ingredients. We find it important to go the extra mile to provide YOU, our wonderful customers, with nourishing and wholesome food options that fuel your active lifestyle.

By sourcing seasonal ingredients from local farms, we’re able to change our menu and offer daily specials in order to keep things interesting. We love the challenge of incorporating new and unique foods into our menus! Although, we’re pretty confident that it’s impossible to get tired of our variety of menu options.

Supporting Local Farmers

We have strong partnerships with local farmers and organizations here in Central Oregon. By prioritizing our ability to source local, we are actively contributing to the sustainability and growth of our community. Bend is growing bigger every day, but we never want to lose our small community feel or ability to support our local businesses.

Keep it Fresh, Keep it Local

We’re focused on bringing you the best local and organic ingredients to provide you with healthy lunch and breakfast options here in Bend, Oregon. And we don’t stop there – we make our smoothies and fresh juices from produce grown here in Oregon!

Even as our business has grown and expanded over the years, we have never neglected our commitment to local and organic ingredients. Each one of our cold pressed juices represents the years of work we have spent creating relationships with local farmers, physicians, and wellness professionals. Fun fact, each bottle of juice contains about 3 pounds of fresh fruits and veggies…talk about naturally boosting both your health and energy!

Mother’s Juice Café is dedicated to showing the best of mother’s love through nutritious meals, quality ingredients, and the best of local farms.

Some local farms we partner with:

Pioneer Ranch (Bend)

Agricultural Connections

OGC (Organically grown Company)

Aloha Produce


Big Ed’s Breads

Willamette Valley Fruit Company

MY Chai

Tender Greens

Rain Shadow Farms

Glory Bee

Local Farmer’s Market (when is season)

Childer’s Meat Company

Ocean beauty

Honey Mama Bars

Hearth Chai

Lady Bug Farms

We’re all about prioritizing sustainability and supporting our local Bend community. Through our farm-to-table philosophy, support for local farmers, and conscious sourcing of organic ingredients, we’re focused on serving you delicious and nutritious food.

Most of what matters in life happens while we’re gathered around the table. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday with friends, having a reunion with family, or simply grabbing a bite to eat before starting your day, Mother’s Juice Café is your family kitchen. We’re here to support you and when you dine with us, you’re supporting our local farmers.

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